Why You Should Use SSL

SSL certificates enable you to secure the connection between your website and your website visitor’s browser. As a result of this, the important information transmitted through credit card / debit card is secured. SSL certificate is an important attribute for a website that deals with critical customer data. In today’s world, customer trust is directly related to sales conversions; therefore having an SSL certificate is a crucial aspect specifically for the online business owners and also for many other business websites.

SSL Certificates

    • Up to 256 bit encryption
    • Encrypts and authenticates your website's identity
    • Compatible with all major browsers
    • Comodo trusted secure site seal
    • Very Low and Affordable ssl Pricing
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Cheapest SSL Certificates

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frequently asked

SSL Certificate FAQ's

An SSL certificate provides security to your website by safeguarding and encrypting the communications between the server and the person visiting your website. For using an SSL certificate, you have to install it on the server.
The main reasons why you will need an SSL certificate are mentioned below:
  • The most common reason is to secure the credit card payments done on your website
  • For securing the confidential information you are dealing with while it is accessed through the web
  • If you offer a login or sign in on your website
  • To process the sensitive data like address, license, birth date or ID numbers
  • If you need to comply with privacy policies and security requirements (HIPAA, PCI Compliance)
In order to find out what kind of SSL certificate is used, the user simply has to click on the expeditedssl icon on the left hand side of the browser and he / she will get the information about the SSL certificate or the security of the website.
SSL certificates are compatible with 99% of the browsers including all the prominent web browsers.
This depends on which SSL certificate you opt for. The time taken for the SSL certificate to get activated is mentioned below:
  • Rapid SSL & Quick SSL – 1 – 2 hours
  • Quick SSL (Premium) – 12 – 16 hours
  • TrueBusinessID – 48 – 72 hours